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How the Schuylkill Valley Corvette Club got it’s beginning

The Schuylkill Valley Corvette Club was a spin-off of the Schuylkill Valley Sports Car Club which was active in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. That club was heavy into racing, hillclimbing, autocrossing, gymkhanas, and the like. Upon “spinning off,” the Schuylkill Valley Corvette Club became incorporated in May of 1964. In these early years, it too promoted events similar to it’s spawner and aligned itself with The National Council of Corvette Clubs. This is a national organization dedicated to participation in sanctioned racing and show events. Through the years, the club has promoted and participated in many such events. Today, given the litigious nature of the country, tighter public cartway regulations, insurance constraints, etc, The Schuylkill Valley Corvette Club and it’s yearly average of eighty-five members has taken on more of a “pleasure driving” approach to, as well as practical show and judging attitude toward Corvette enthusiasm.

As we remember the past now in the present, we can’t help but proceed into the future with what has once again become the area’s fastest growing automobile club. It is only with the continued dedicated diligence and support of the members taht this club will flourish in, and contribute to our local community.